Owner & Breeder

Richard Powell
Le lieu des Champs


Ambitions run high at Haras Le Lieu des Champs in NOrmandy. The 60 hectare stud, a former dairy farm, was taken over earlier this year by Richard Powell following 33 years under the ownership of his father, bloodstock agent David Powell. The stud’s facilities include 40 stables but worl is already underway on another 15 to enable the stud to increase their focus on sales prep.

« I was born in Deauville, right beside Arqana », says Powell. « I have worked around the world – UK (Ted Vout/Genesis Green Stud), Ireland (Arthur Moore and Kildangan Stud), the US (Walmac Farm and trainer Neil Drysdale) and Australia (Widden Stud) – and lately was sales manager for a feed company.


« We bought the Lieu des Champs from my father early this year. Our wish is that it becomes a respected stud farm where people would be happy to have horses. »


Hope for the sales season : « Having the trust from people to prep their horses and increase the quality of horses to consign. »

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